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Cylinder Repair and Chrome Plating for Dams

Providing cylinder repair and chrome plating services, Garrod Hydraulics has supported flood control and hydro-electric power stations across the United States and worldwide. Government flood control operations and public and private utilities depend on Garrod Hydraulics for modernizing critical components. Many of these stations have been operating since the middle of the last century.

Spring flood water flowing on hydroelectric power station dam

Using the latest seal technology, Garrod Hydraulics delivers cylinder repairs to meet today’s standards providing customers with peace of mind for the long-term. Improved safety, efficiency, productivity and reduced labor and maintenance are just some of the benefits.

Rebuilding the largest servo motor cylinders and large flow control cylinders used in dam operations, Garrod Hydraulics can:

  • Hone cylinder bores to 36-in. diameter and 50-ft. long in a single setup
  • Chrome plate and finish polish rods to 24-in. diameter and 60-ft. long