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Remanufacturing Cylinders for Steel Mills

Cylinders in a variety of sizes are used in equipment operating in some of the harshest environments. Anything less than peak performance is not an option for heavy duty and mill cylinders. Garrod Hydraulics can help.

hot steel on conveyor in a steel mill

Processing, continuous casting, and rolling facilities all rely on equipment that depends on properly functioning cylinders. Applications range from extrusion machines to shears, and milling equipment.

In 2010, Garrod Hydraulics expanded its services to include remanufacturing and testing of Automatic Gauge Control (AGC) cylinders, which are now commonly used in steel mills and rolling machines.  Garrod Hydraulics also provides:

  • Hone cylinder bores to 36-in. diameter and 50-ft. long in a single setup
  • Chrome plate and finish polish rods to 24-in. diameter and 60-ft. long