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Manitowoc Crane CARE Rolls Out Strategic Partnership with Garrod Hydraulics

In the world of manufacturing, the true value of a brand is measured in the product’s longevity. Although it seems like an obvious notion, few are as dedicated as Manitowoc Crane CARE is to building and maintaining quality cranes.

Their latest testament to their dedication is a newly formed partnership with Garrod Hydraulics. The two have worked together to pioneer a new program called EnCORE. As the name suggests, the program is designed to revive all types of cranes for another long cycle of service. Now manufacturers with damaged machinery can have their Manitowoc brand parts remanufactured by a Manitowoc Crane CARE certified repair shop. The benefits include maintaining the machine’s integrity by repairing it with certified parts, a quick turn around time, and off the shelf pieces to nearly eliminate down time.

Having partnered with Manitowoc Crane CARE on smaller projects in the past, Garrrod Hydraulics found itself holding the reigns when it came to designing the EnCORE process for hydraulic cylinders. Brian Hollerbush, Garrod’s Sales representative, admits it wasn’t always easy. “We hit a few bumps here and there, but we were able to work out all the kinks,” said Hollerbush. “I’m more than satisfied with the results.” Manitowoc Crane CARE echoes the same sentiments, but it is no surprise. Garrod Hydraulics has been remanufacturing hydraulic cylinders for over 28 years. With capabilities to handle massive hydraulic cylinders, major partnerships such as the one EnCORE demands is what Garrod Hydraulics has worked towards since its inception. With a completely new facility and plenty of room for expansion, Garrod Hydraulics offers Manitowoc Crane CARE flexibility, capability, quality work, and genuinely motivated staff.

Garrod Hydraulics handles 100% of EnCORE’s cylinder remanufacturing, and David Hardin of Manitowoc Crane CARE has no regrets. “Over the past six months, we have been extremely pleased with our relationship and the results to date,” comments Hardin. He describes the process of selecting Garrod Hydraulics to serve as the EnCORE program cylinder repair shop of record as a lengthy and extensive job interview. Current efforts are focused on expanding EnCORE’s cylinder repair and future plans expanding on the Garrod Hydraulics and Manitowoc Crane CARE partnership are not out of the question.