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Students Travel to Garrod Hydraulics

Penn College hydraulics students traveled to York on Wednesday for a tour of Garrod Hydraulics, a repair and remanufacturing facility that mainly deals with larger industrial/mobile-type hydraulic cylinders. “I wanted to show my students the large diversity of hydraulic cylinders within our industry,” said Paul Zenga, diesel technology management/heavy construction equipment instructor, who was the adviser for the trip (and photographer). Garrod employees, who have been attending the School of Natural Resources Management Career Fair for the past two years, were nothing but accommodating to our students, said Zenga, who thanked Garrod employees for their time and professionalism in allowing the students to visit. Because of their attendance at the career fair and their involvement with Penn College, Garrod employees understand what is expected from students. The tour they provided involved everything from employee gym facilities and office structure, to the chrome-plating shop and a pizza lunch, the instructor noted.

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