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Garrod Hydraulics Celebrates 30 Years as the Repair & Industrial Chrome-Plating Specialist

Grease was in the movie theaters; the first cell phone was introduced; space invaders invaded arcades; a gallon of gas was $.69; and Gene Garrod opened his cylinder repair show. Three decades later grease is on Broadway, the cell phone is common accessory, the Wii is in our homes, the cost of gas hovers around $2.00 a gallon, and Garrod hydraulics has matured into one of the largest repair and industrial chrome plating shops and the East Coast.

“I started Garrod Hydraulics in 1978,” explains Garrod. We’re still here because we tackle the jobs that no one else will. We can chrome, polish & plate up to 50 feet and repair large cylinders – 20, 40, and 50 feet.” Garrod Hydraulics’ success and commitment to customer satisfaction has been marked by three building expansions over the years. In addition, low turnover speaks to the company’s investment in its employees and includes six of its 45 staff members exceeding 20 years of service.

Garrod Hydraulics repairs and remanufactures hydraulic cylinders and industrial hard chrome plating primarily for the crane, scrap, and steel mill industries. It’s business structure focuses on the customers’ needs, responding quickly and easily two requests. Their ability to deliver problem-solving, money-saving assistant specific to each job has given Garrod recognition throughout the industry, Including being the first ISO 9002 certified supplier in hydraulic cylinder service and repair in the U.S. This reputation also provided the opportunity to partner with Manitowoc Crane CARE to create the crane repair EnCORE program in 2006. EnCORE Designates Garrod Hydraulics as the certified repair shop for damaged cylinders that carry the Manitowoc brand.

The success of the last three decades has provided A solid foundation for the next 30 years. According to sales representative Brian Hollerbush, Darren now services all of North America and looks to expand its reach into new markets in South America and Europe. “Opportunity is out there for us. We offer repairs that rival brand new parts in performance and our turnaround times are unsurpassed. Time equals money to our customers, and we worked with them every step of the way to ensure they are back up and running as soon as possible with quality repairs.”

Garrod Hydraulics, established in 1978 and located in York, Pennsylvania, specializes in cylinder repair and industrial chrome-plating.