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Projects at Garrod Completed In House

Garrod Hydraulics takes great pride in being able to market their services as total in house completion. From your first phone call or website inquiry with Garrod, customers can guarantee their project has been completed by Garrod, at Garrod.

When researching repair facilities, are the right questions being asked? Is your cylinder being completed by your repair company of choice? How many components are being sent to a subcontractor for work to be done? By using Garrod a customer can ensure their components are being done in each part of our facility, while ensuring quality every time.

Garrod’s in house repair facility is specialized in customizing each job to the needs and return time of the customer. Garrod Hydraulics shop floor is designed with the customer in mind. Boasting 20,000 lb bridge crane capacity, and the ability to hone cylinder bores to 36″ and up to 50′ long; customers can be sure their large cylinder repairs are in the best hands.

Chrome work? The chrome shop at Garrod Hydraulics is home to a shallow tank that can accommodate cylinders 60” diameter X 80” long, and their deep tank will accommodate 46’ long, and 24″ in diameter parts. All which is found in house at Garrod and designed to meet the needs of each customer, in a timely manner, ensuring your equipment is back up and running to ensure efficiency in the field. cylinder in shop

For your next repair make sure the shop you choose is qualified and has the capacity to handle your cylinder; when in doubt, Get. It. To. Garrod.